devashishu.jpgDevashishu Torpy lives in London, UK, where he works as a part-time English teacher. He has been a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre for over 35 years. Devashishu helps to organise the Great Britain Peace Run (formerly the World Harmony Run) and also organises races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

Meditation Classes

Devashishu frequently gives free meditation classes in London; he has also travelled to other parts of the world such as Serbia, Australia and New Zealand to give meditation classes. See also:


World Harmony Run



Devashishu speaking at the opening ceremony for the World Harmony Run, New York, 2010.

Since the Peace Run (World Harmony Run) was founded in 1987, by Sri Chinmoy, Devashishu has participated in many of these initiatives for world peace. He helps to organise the UK section of the World Harmony Run.

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team



Devashishu running a 4.28.03 marathon in 2004, Rockland State park, New York.

Devashishu is a keen amateur runner, he has completed several marathons, and a 47 mile ultra race. He also organises races for Sri Chinmoy A.C. in Battersea Park, London


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